World of Warcraft August 28 online amendments The main city camp ship is now a rest area

Players who have won the Sweet trophy by completing the Harlan Swayti leader can now get the sweet spoils of Sweti.
[Need to restart the server] Some margins for commercial skills items that are priced at a single item have increased by 20%. This cost is fixed regardless of the size of each group of stacks. As with the standard deposit, the deposit will be refunded to the seller after the item is successfully sold.
Role service
Players who make a camp conversion can now get a flight route from Azeroth after the transition.
Players who switch back to the original camp now get all the flight routes previously found.
Wild Frenzy now deals more damage in full and gains all combo points, even if you move the range slightly after casting.
The Spike damage of the Hammer of Justice is now properly increased by the Final Defender and the Revenge of the Revenge.
Monsters and NPC
Once all the snakes have been killed, Wahikul will now appear.
The camp items that are returned to the Quartermaster within 2 hours are now eligible for a full refund.
Fixed the problem that Milicha’s teeth would be cancelled in the cold and harsh winter.
Fixed the problem that Milicha’s teeth would not be critically attacked.
Milica’s teeth are now affected by public cooldowns and damage increased by 317%.
Fixed Darkmoon deck: Waves’ trigger frequency is sometimes lower than expected.
Pet battle
The following items are now correctly used to provide you with relevant combat pets: a baby with a beak, a clockwork frog, a group of tentacles and a fluctuating blue meat pouch.
Inland frog fighting pets now have the correct level of mucus covering 20 skills.
If the player is removed from the “Golden City” vehicle, they will now return to the winged lord Ata.
Fixed the problem that Allen’s monks would not respond during the “collection knowledge”.
After completing the “Beach Head Front”, the aura will no longer remain on the player.
World mission
The “Lost Goat” is now refreshed correctly.
Fixed an issue where “blocking infection” could not start correctly.
The Zandalari Beastmaster in “Preparing for the Rain” is now rightly hostile to the Alliance’s allies.
Tribal players can now rest at the hotel at the Blood Gate.
The banma of the Banshee and the Redemption of the Wind is now a rest area.

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