WOW 8.0 correction: disciplinary riding damage weakened Shaman treatment effect improved

Appearance and animation
Fixed the display problem of the Shadow Armor’s Infused Armor and the Shadow Form of the Shadow Glyph.The visual effect of the fireball of the ship’s ship-borne artillery can be consistent with the actual ballistics.
Death knight
The claw-killing skills of the resurrection of the dead are no longer erroneously acquired: the damage bonus of the Blade of Fear. The upgrade of the dark mutant to the sweeping claw is still subject to the mastery bonus.
Sunburn no longer exerts effects on secondary targets that are immune to its effects, such as stalkers who activate the Shadow Cloak.
Photosynthesis now increases the speed of all sustained treatments by 20% (previously 15%).
The rapid effects of photosynthesis now affect the blossoms.
The therapeutic effect of cultivation was reduced by 17%.
The effect of rejuvenation has increased by 6%.
Mana Shield now consumes a mana cost equal to 50% damage (formerly 20%).
The single target damage of Phoenix Flame now correctly attacks totems and similar targets.
When using condensed chills, the Magic Storm Garment 4 Pack Reward now correctly reduces the cooldown of the Ice Beads.
The therapeutic effect of true air waves has increased by 25%.
Weaving fog
The healing effect of the healing fog now correctly produces a threat value.
Stepping on the wind
The damage of the disillusioned kick is reduced by 27%.
Damage to all damage spells is reduced by 3%.
The damage done by slashing is reduced by 6%.
The healing power of the Holy Star has increased by 25%.
Shadow Word: Pain damage is reduced by 9%.
Shadow Magic damage is reduced by 16%.
Destruction damage reduced by 8%.
Fixed the problem that the sin additions did not improve the effect of the redemption treatment of Shadow Demon/Destroy.
The combination therapy now consumes 2.4% of the mana (formerly 2%).
Holy Word: The casting time of the redemption is extended to 2.5 seconds (formerly 2 seconds).
Improves the cooling shortening effect of Angel’s mercy.
The Rainstorm Totem now restores 30% of the healing effect (formerly 25%).
The direct therapeutic effect of life release increased by 26%.
Damage to all damage spells is reduced by 4%.
Damage to all damage spells is reduced by 3%.
Damage to all damage spells is reduced by 4%.
Summon Black Eyes no longer removes the sneak of all nearby stalkers.
The damage of all damage spells increased by 3%.
Monsters and NPC
Mila Tenggard had some difficulties in understanding how to pass the bridge of Ironforge, and now she was told the right path.
Fixed an issue where the invitation request for the guild level could not be properly invited.
Fixed an issue where guilds and officials notified that updates would be delayed if guild members were offline.
Fixed a number of issues that caused some players to be accidentally removed from the integrated and trading chat channels.

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