Preview Of The New MechanismOf Battle For Azeroth: The Heart of Azeroth

With the help of Azeroth’s heroes and their powerful artifacts, spokesperson Magni Bronze was able to stabilize the planet’s injuries. Azeroth has temporarily stabilized, but to cure her, it is not enough to stop the bleeding by temporary. The events in Silithus are only the first step in helping the planet. As you help the Alliance and the Horde search for Azerit, this healing path will continue to extend to Zandalari and Kul Tiras. Spokesperson Magni has found a way to strengthen your armor while helping Azeroth – the heart of Azeroth. You can use this powerful artifact to harness the power of Azerite and “wake up” the amazing power hidden in the armor.

When you complete the Battle of Lordaeron, you will be led to Silithus again to meet with Magni. He will show you the heart of Azeroth, a powerful necklace that will accompany you on the adventure of Zandalari and Kul Tiras. The heart of Azeroth allows you to take advantage of Azerod’s power in the healing of the planet, and as its power gains, it will also be upgraded with you. As the power of the artifact gradually increases, its attributes will also increase. It also helps you strengthen special helmets, breastplates and shoulder pads. Each piece of Azerite’s intensive armor has 3 or 4 Azerite specialty rings that will be unlocked after your Azeroth heart has been upgraded. As your power increases, you can unlock more feats on Azerite’s enhanced items. You can — and best — equip these fields with Ezerit’s enhanced armor. You can hold down Shift and right click on the gear to browse and change their power in the open interface.

Each specialty ring offers a specific type of gain effect to choose from.
Outer Ring: The hidden power in the outer ring is usually related to where you collect your armor. These forces are also related to specific professional specializations.
For example: vicious corrosion shoulders contamination transmission (passive) Your noxious skill has a chance to summon a polluted swamp at the target’s feet, inflicting 8628 health to them and healing you for 6 sec.
Central: These forces usually reinforce your responsibilities in the game – increasing damage for output careers, increasing damage reduction for tank occupations, or intensive treatment output for the healer.
For example: Savior: When you heal a target with less than 35% health, you have a chance to heal 942 health.
Inner Ring: These are the defense or functional capabilities of your profession.
For example: When Azerot is strong (passive) in a coma, fixed or repelled, you gain 1852 points of healing.
Core: Azerite reinforcement is the core of the hidden power, which can increase the level of this armor by 5 points.
Epic-quality armor, such as bonuses dropped from a copy of the team, will have four layers of optional abilities, that is, there is a choice in the middle. Lower-level equipment usually has only three special rings and does not contain the Central.
If you change your mind about your choice of abilities, you can always return to the Azerot Recaster in Burars or Zudasa. Although the cost of the change is very low at the beginning (5 gold coins), the more you recast, the higher the cost. But this cost will not be so high forever – in less than two days, your recasting costs will fall.

Azerite’s intensive armor has some other things to consider. These armor do not contain secondary attributes, so you don’t need to consider this when choosing your abilities. At the same time, unlike Azeroth, they can get enchanting effects. Another interesting thing is that every Azerite armor has a specific ability. So, if you are very interested in the ability of a certain armor, you can go to the same item with a higher item level. For example, an armor of a random team has the same ability as the same armor of epic difficulty, but epic difficulty items are higher in rank, better in attributes, and generally stronger. Many items are also intentionally created and placed in specific areas of the world, and if you are determined to include an item in your bag, you know where to look. This item level difference also applies to epic dungeons and PvP equipment.
For example, here is the effect of the same piece of Tordago on different epic difficulty levels:
The Warden’s Riot Helmet Sail (Passive) Your spells and spells have a chance to increase your mastery by 287 for 15 sec. At the end of this effect, it will jump to an nearby ally, increasing its mastery by 144 for 8 sec. Requires Azeroth’s Heart Level 16.

Azerite’s enhanced armor is available through a variety of activities, including missions, team copies, and PvP. The level of the item you get for each armor will match the level of the item you dropped. If you want to get top-notch equipment, you can participate in weekly activities such as team copies, Zhou Shi’s epic treasure chest, team copy leader, war front, world leader and rating PvP activities. You can also actively participate in the world mission of Magni Bronze. He will be an important part of strengthening Azeroth’s heart. As you gradually increase his reputation from friendliness to worship, you will be rewarded with Azerot and have the opportunity to gain Azerite armor in the process.

Similar to the artifacts in Legion’s Advent, Azeroth’s Heart also has mechanisms to help players catch up with the growing power demand curve. Every once in a while, the number of Azerot needed to upgrade Azeroth’s heart will be reduced, giving late players a chance to catch up. This system can really help you, but you still have to work hard to ensure the growth of Azeroth’s heart. No matter what your goal is, in the process of healing Azeroth, there is always an unlimited opportunity for you to adjust the equipment to achieve the most suitable game style.

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