Azeroth is wars again, are you going to return to WOW?

The people of Azeroth have paid a painful price in order to stop the expedition of the Burning Legion. However, even if the scars of the world can heal, the fragile alliance between the Alliance and the Horde will not last long.Two camps long-standing grudges, and in the “Battle for Azeroth”, conflicting situations that may occur at any time finally upgraded to full-scale war. Then the problem is coming. The new piece of information is about to open. Are you going to return or do you want to return, or do you want to return?

When a game is played for 6-7 years or even 10 years, this game may not be just a game for you. For many players, World of Warcraft symbolizes their youthful years. With good memories, even if it is AFK for many years, you can still talk about how you used to be in the black-winged bloody battle of Nefarian, close to the nose of Aoni and her intimate interaction; There are also many active warriors who are already preparing for the 8.1 version. They are aiming at the first killing honor of the “Battle for Azeroth” version. For these warriors, World of Warcraft is closer to the top competitive track. They train hard and eagerly await the boarding of the future Hall of Fame.

The first exposure of this version was at the Blizzcon Carnival in 2017. This is the first time Blizzard has exposed the opening animation when the version has not been opened. In the animation, Sylvanas made a new appearance and showed the banshee in the battle of Lordaeron; the Alliance’s Anduin, who grew up as a real emperor on the battlefield, also became a real emperor. The war between the Horde and the Alliance has been fully launched, and both sides are trying to find more allies to join. In “Battle for Azeroth”, the Alliance and the Horde have ushered in a number of new allied races, including the sleek draenei, the Son of the Night, the Supreme Ridge Tauren and the Nether Elves, which met during the Anti-Combustion Legion. Race. In addition, you can find more allies in the “Battle for Azeroth”. After many years, can finally fight for the glory of the camp. It is conceivable that this is a bloody battle for hegemony.


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