8.0 expansion pack Azeroth preview: PVP rating system update

In the upcoming “Azerbaijan Azeroth” expansion pack, we have significantly updated the game’s PvP progress and reward system. We will explain these changes one by one and provide some information on the rating battlefield and the expectations of the arena players.
New rating and rating segment

Over the years, World of Warcraft-rated PvP players have received a large number of ratings based on their performance. However, the practical significance of this number has always been a mystery. Players must now wait until the end of each PvP season, and after we have compiled a complete ranking, we can assign titles to gladiators or competitors based on their relative rankings.
In “Agebra”, we hope to provide a clearer and more structured schedule system that recognizes the player’s achievements in real time as the player climbs the ladder. When the player reaches the following rating threshold, they will enter the official group:
Combatant: 1400–1599
Challenger: 1600-1799
Competitor: 1800-2099
Duelist: 2100-2399
Gladiator: 2400+
The specific rewards available for each group will be clearly displayed in the game interface so that players can work towards their most desired goals.
Technology and participation rewards
In studying how players get ratings for PvP engagement rewards, we focus on two things: optimizing and clarifying how we reward technology and clarifying participation rewards at all levels.
Focus on participation

From the feedback we received on the PvP rewards for Legion Re-enactment, players want more controllable and predictable equipment upgrades. To this end, we will restore the Conquest Points in the new version as a measure of the level of activity of the PvP rating gameplay. In addition to the constantly upgraded suites during the season, we also offer a specific team copy quality equipment every week. This is to give players a clearer idea of ​​how much time and effort it takes to get an item and to offset the randomness of other aspects of the system.
We will also change the way players get brave mounts. In the current Legion Rehearsal system, you need to win 100 3v3 arenas, or 40 rating battles. In “Agebra”, any category of ratings can be accumulated to win the mount, including 2v2! In addition, in line with our philosophy of providing account universal illusion rewards, your entire account PvP activities will be Help you enrich your collection.
Technical priority
With these updates, we want to be able to ensure that PvP rewards match the player’s game level. To this end, we will add a weekend bonus, similar to the treasure of the great challenger that opens after the weekly completion of the epic keystone dungeon. These weekly awards can be taken from the treasure chest of the duel club PvP camp – the tribe is located in Zudasa and the alliance is located in Burars.

If your conquest point is full this week, you can get a reward for the item level from the treasure chest. The level of reward items is based on the highest group you won last week. For example, if you participate in and win a duel 3v3, then at the end of the week, you can open a bonus that matches your rating. But if your rating is a 3v3 duelist, but only participates in the 2v2 game, then you won’t be able to get a duel-level item unless you win a 3v3 game.
Who is the king?
To further enhance transparency, we have also added regional records. When you reach the Gladiator level, you can see your ranking in the region directly in the game interface. For those who want to climb to the top, you will be able to keep an eye on your distance from the top of the list, or show off how high you are with your friends.
End of season?
We are still working on a viable season end award, but for now, we will reserve a special season gladiator title for top PvP players. Those who win the Gladiator title also need to win a few more games in order to get the mount reward.

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