8.0 hegemony Azeroth Kurtilas inherits armor exposure

The World of Warcraft’s hegemony Azeroth expansion has updated 8.0 new four league racial images, and will launch four new races in the new version: Night Son, Light Cast Delaney, Nether Elves, and Gaoling Tauren . According to the current situation of PTR, unlocking these four league races requires players to meet certain conditions after the server has at least one 110-level character, to achieve the reputation of a particular camp, and to complete the mission before the corresponding league race role can be created. . However, whether these unlocking conditions are common to the account number is not known.

The World of Warcraft’s hegemony Azeroth expansion has updated 8.0 new four-party ethnic images, in which the Kurtilas’s dress hints at the Kul Tiras’s heritage ethnic armor.Previously, Wowhead unearthed seven of the eight ethnic alliances of the ethnic armor, which can be confirmed that the other league races other than the Kurtilas are wearing their own ethnicity when appearing on the official page. A. So it can be speculated that the Kurtilas depicted in the picture are also wearing their heritage armor.
Below is a complete (potential) Curtiras inheritance race armor preview.

8.0争霸艾泽拉斯 库尔提拉斯人传承护甲曝光

Some of the Kurtilians NPC also wore similar suits, such as Mrs. Elena Norrington.

8.0争霸艾泽拉斯 库尔提拉斯人传承护甲曝光

This suit is very similar to the appearance and style of the Kurtila Navy clothing seen in the early excavation of the A test, but the color is different.

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